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Tutorial Letak Iklan Nuffnang Didalam Blogspot


Hai..semua..okay hari ini shaila hendak tunjuk tutorial letak iklan Nuffnang. Ini adalah permintaan dari beautiful blogger Cik Nad Kassim. wokey...jom kita start!!!

P/S : sebelum memasukkan iklan nuffnang, anda kena register dahulu blog anda yer..selepas itu barulah boleh letakkan iklan nuffnang.

*Sesiapa yang belum register dengan nuffnang, bolehlah register di SINI

Step 1: Login to your Blogger account

Login to your Blogger account at http://www.blogger.com/start. If you do not have an account yet, please click on the registration link in the same page and follow the instructions given to create your new account.

Step 2: Navigate to Design section

Okay, now you already have a Blogger account, LOG IN to your Blogger account. Then the fun begins... Oh and by the way...

There are 3 types of ads :-( You May choose either one, but we encourage to use them all
- The Leaderboard
- The large Rectangle
- Skyscraper

Click on the 'little arrow' next to the page list like in the picture below. Go down the list and click 'Template'.

Step 2.1:

Clicking "Template" will bring you to a page like the picture below. Click on "Edit HTML" under the Live on Blog picture next to Customize.

Step 3: Insert Nuffnang Ad Units

Adding Leaderboard Unit:

- Copy the Leaderboard code from our Nuffnang Add Ads page. Click the 'Edit HTML' box, press Ctrl + F and search for "<body>". Paste the codes directly after the <body> element like in the screenshot below. Click save and you're done...

Step 3.2:

Adding Large Rectangle Unit:

- Copy the Large Rectangular code from our Nuffnang Add Ads page. Click the 'Edit HTML' box, press Ctrl + F and search for "post-footer-line-3" and locate the "</b:includable>" element nearby. Paste the ad codes directly above </b:includable> element. Click save and you are done

Step 3.3:

Adding Skyscraper Unit:

- On your Blogger dashboard, locate the navigational panel on the left next to the Live on Blog photo. Click on "Layout".

Step 3.3.1:

- Click on the "Add a gadget" link on the sidebar. In this example it is on the right

Step 3.3.2:

- Copy the Skyscraper ad codes on our Nuffnang Add Ads page and paste it directly in the textbox area. Name your gadget, click Save and then you're all set.

Step 4: Preview Nuffnang ads

View your blog and you will see all the ad units all successfully inserted. Hope it helps and now you can start serving Nuffnang Ads!


sekian terima kasih


  1. Ya Allah... Shaila!!! Terharunya kita awak buat post untuk kita!! Nak nangis!!! T_T Thank youuuuuuuuuu <3

    1. welcome...kalau ade ape2 prob roger...hihii

    2. Opkosss! You're my hero, Shaila! <3

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  3. Sya x pndai nk letak nuff..sya hntam je ni..caca marba dah nuff sya..hehe..tq sharing ya :)

    1. carca merba pu xpe...janji masyuk...hihihi